Mad Skills

The skills that pay the bills.

Responsive Sites Responsive Sites

I’ve adjusted existing sites to be responsive as well as build them that way from the ground up.

Print Design Print Design

My degree is in Graphic Design so it’s I have no problem creating brochures, ads, packaging, etc.

Branding Branding

Branding is another area I have a lot of experience in. Everything from just a logo to a full system.

JavaScript & jQuery JavaScript & jQuery

I have a working knowledge of JavaScript and prefer to use jQuery over other JavaScript libraries.


I’m a beginner when it comes to PHP, but it’s the skill I’m currently trying to advance the most.

Magento Magento

I’ve built several websites with Magento and it my platform of choice for ecommerce sites.

Web Design Web Design

I’ve designed more than my fair share of website and all the parts accosted. It’s my passion.


I have an advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, and always stay up to speed as they evolve.

WordPress WordPress

Wordpress is the platform I develop on the the most and have an extensive knowledge customizing.

From the Blog

1 February

Remove The Events Calendar past events from search in WordPress.

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The Events Calendar is the best events plugin for WordPress in my opinion. It’s very full featured, yet easy to use. One request I’ve got a couple times is removing old events from the site search, without actually removing it from the site. Keeping the page alive, but making it so people don’t accidentally find […]

21 September

Bootstrap Size Marker

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When working with a framework knowing what break-point you’re looking at isn’t always obvious. And it’s really not obvious to the non-technical people reviewing your work. For this reason I created a pure css breakpoint indicator. This one is based off the Bootstrap breakpoints, but the idea can be adapted to work with any framework. […]

11 April

WordPress Page Template Specific Code

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This will only display the code when a specific page template is used. Great for header/footer interjections. <?php if( !is_page_template(‘template-name.php’) ) : ?> //your code here <?php endif; ?>